(From a review of Many Heavens, One Earth)

“The essays in this much-needed book provide up-to-date reflections on religious themes and teachings that can help us think about the proper place of humans in earth’s ecosystems.  This book is at once readable enough for beginners and authoritative enough for use by scholars.  Dr. Cain has done a great service for religious scholarship and the world in writing this book.”

– Dr. Marti J. Steussy

Dr. Marti J. Steussy, Ph.D., is Professor of Hebrew Bible at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana.

(From a review of Down to Earth)

“I love Dr. Cain’s unique approach to the study of and response to the environmental problems we face today. Drawing on his expertise as an environmental theologian, and with specialties in world religions and environmental ethics, Dr. Cain walks us through the sacred texts and thoughts of many of the world’s religions, seamlessly weaving their insights together with our most pressing environmental problems. With the simple clarity and directness of a master at work, he illustrates in very specific ways how these ancient texts and varied world religions speak profoundly still today, calling us to reflect and renew ourselves and our environment. One hopes this might encourage sustained dialogue, understanding, and action among our faith communities, in colleges and universities, and in the public square.”

– Dr. David Chandler

Dr. David Chandler, Ph.D., is Professor of Philosophy at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana, and an occupant of the Johnson Chair in the Humanities.


(From a review of An Ecological Theology:  Reunderstanding Our Relation to Nature)

“To my knowledge there are no other primers like this.  There are books written by process   theologians who address this ecological issue or that issue, but not that pull so many strands together.   And there are few who write so clearly but who also find ways to speak poetically, when only poetry can convey truth. This is a wise and helpful work that is one of a kind.  If you are a Christian—or simply a religiously interested reader—who hopes that Christianity might become an ecological religion, read this book.”

–  Dr. Jay B. McDaniel

Dr.  Jay B. McDaniel, Ph.D., is Willis T. Holmes Distinguished Professor of Religion, Nancy and Craig Wood Professor of Engaged Education, and Director of the Marshall T. Steel Center for the Study of Religion and Philosophy at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas.



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